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Partnerships are a critical element of the National Fund's demand-driven approach to workforce development. The National Fund defines an industry partnership as a dynamic collaboration of a regional group of employers—typically from a particular industry sector, but sometimes from multiple sectors or based around a set of occupations—who convene regularly with the assistance of a workforce intermediary.

This document provides an overview of characteristics that partnerships that are highly effective at solving workforce-development challenges tend to share.

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The Knowledge Center is a collection of research, news articles, multimedia, and other materials produced by us and others on issues related to the work of the National Fund. Here you will find a variety of information selected because of its quality and value to our field of work.


July 17, 2014 to July 19, 2014

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The National Fund and the Regional Collaboratives undergo yearly evaluation.

Five Years of the National Fund
(Presentation from the 2013 Annual Meeting)

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5th Annual National Evaluation Report-Data Brief(reporting on activities and outcomes for 2012)

 4th Annual National Evaluation Report
(Reporting on activities and outcomes for 2011)